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Our Values

We value your passion, we value the safety of your communities and VCG believes that together, we can help to enable a more proficient delivery of healthcare across the country. VCG resources realize that the following values are integral pieces in a successful implementation:

Compassion - Caring for others with patience, kindness and understanding
Passion - Committing to excellence to be the very best in all we do.
Quality - Providing high-quality services to all with whom we come into contact with.
Accountability - Taking complete ownership to achieve desired results.
Respect - Collaboration, cooperation and productivity by appreciating unique skills and abilities, and treating others with respect.
Integrity - Adhering to moral and ethical principles, soundness of character, honesty and fairness.

We believe that professionalism, respect and the ability to integrate seamlessly into your team are just as important as bringing the right skillsets to the table. VCG resources work alongside your team members creating a beneficial environment for everyone involved and empowering both IT staff and clinicians with the tools needed to improve patient care.