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About VCG

Our company has an established track record in the Healthcare IT industry. With a combined 35 years experience implementing multiple healthcare IT software solutions, we have worked alongside clinicians, leadership and IT staff from over 25 health systems in the U.S. VCG brings valuable insight to the project including both community hospital and large, multi-facility implementation strategies, as well as proven communication techniques from our experience as leaders in healthcare IT. VCG is committed to providing the highest quality consulting services and project management expertise in assisting our health systems' realization of expected returns on investments in information technology.


Healthcare Transformation Vectors

A Vector is defined in mathematics as a quantity possessing bothshutterstock 68396524 magnitude and direction simultaneously represented by an arrow. Similarly in computer science, a Vector refers to a one dimensional array. We believe that our team of consulting professionals, by sheer magnitude, is the quantity that consistently moves your organization along a one dimensional path in one direction – and that is precisely the right direction! We are the premier Healthcare Transformation Vectors health systems utilize to continue their pursuit in achieving improved patient safety, better patient outcomes, reductions in medical errors and lost revenue, not to mention achieving Meaningful Use Certification.